Streamlined facilities and reporting management

The intuitive and efficient way to run operational tasks

The OnSight system is an intuitive modular digital solution which streamlines and logs manual reporting processes and tasks – creating operational efficiencies, real-time trend reporting and an easy to use and adapt package.

The user-friendly system enables trouble-free use at all levels of your organisation making it’s benefits immediately accessible.

A real-time digital solution for instant capture and reporting

Tasks are logged quickly via the app, removing lengthy paper trails

Tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements

Business-critical proven

Stand-alone or integrated with your existing systems

Fully hosted SaaS system

Our process

For OnSite to deliver optimum efficiency for our clients, it’s important that we work closely to understand the operational challenges and requirements each organisation faces. This consultative approach includes

OnSight was created by Transparent Design Ltd – using over two decades of proven success creating online systems, digital solutions and apps which create streamlined, efficient and effective processes. Transparent Design work with a variety of organisations from multinationals to SME’s, such as Merseyrail, NHS, Airbus, Fiat and Tesco – as well as cross section of innovative start-ups such as Axela Innovations and KES International.


The OnSight app has been rolled out for a few months now and has had a massive impact within the department.

It’s enabled us to completely change the way we work as a train presentation department, we’ve changed the deployment of the staff based on the data that has been produced from the App.

It has really raised the profile of the department across the business.

Perfect for streamlining reporting tasks and location check-ins for:

Council Buildings
Facilities Management

Large Events
Property Management

Public Transport
Shopping Centres
Sports Facilities
Theme Parks